One more well-known game. Learn how to play Craps Odds to win the jackpot!

Craps Odds: bet variations and payouts

Craps, or Craps Odds is played in all casinos all over the world. It is a game you may see just near the entrance. Even though, Craps Odds is also played. But What are variations and secrets of a successful game? Let’s get started.

Variations of odds and payouts in Craps Odds

As a rule, most risky bets are most paid ones. So you can play a fast-term game and win (or lose) faster, or play a long-term game and have more opportunities to win and to enjoy playing Craps.

Basically, odds in Craps dice game differ due to payments after dropping a winning combination. As a rule, bets such as Pass Line, Come, Don’t Come and Don’t Pass (the very common ones) are paid 1 to 1. Pass/Come and Free Odds payouts are 2 to 1 on 4 or 10, 3 to 2 on 5 or 9 and 6 to 5 in case of 6 or 8. Sometimes, all the rules differ from casino to casino and from slot to slot (for example, Vegas Craps Table Layout), so you are to read rules thoroughly.

7 Out bet is commonly paid 4 to 1. This bet is more successful than previous ones, but you are to be careful: the faster you win, the faster you may lose all with enormous bet. The most paid bets on table during Crap Odds are Horn and Whirl (27 to 4 with 2 or 12 on dices and 3 to 1 with 3 or 11 on dices for Horn; 26 to 5 with 2 or 12 on dices and 11 to 5 with 3 or 11 on dices for Whirl). Other bets may be as it is common for this game or differ.

Tips and secrets of successful game in Craps Odds

You read the rules, you have a list of bets with you – and you are still not ready. We hope you’ll find out all needed to have fun and to understand this game mathematically. But what should you do now?

To win Craps Odds you are to

  • Look;
  • Learn;
  • Be in Craps Odds.

First, look. Look thoroughly at others playing this game and see how it goes. Make your own tips during Youtube translations and free games, find out what, how often and how successful. Your probability grows when you look and learn. That’s the first key to enjoy this game. Secondly, you are to learn your strategy. Tips and secrets differ for a long-term and a short-term game – and differ from player to player. You are always to remember: the shorter you play, the more you risk.

Practice, learn more about. That’s the main tip to know. After you look and learn – try to bet. Try to play in Craps Odds. Offline or online, you will ever see who is a short winner, and who is going to play for a long time. You will see how and what are they doing – and then you will surely find your own way to enjoy Craps Odds.

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