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Craps game, description and rules of entertainment

Today the fact is already known that by the thirties of the twentieth century, the Craps game was quite popular in America and thousands of Americans had fun throwing dice in various casinos. In general, the history of this entertainment lasts from the times of ancient Egypt and Rome, and now Craps game online has appeared, which is in no way inferior to the real one and always keeps players in great excitement and intense stress. This circumstance plays a big role in the successful increase of Craps’ popularity all over the world and the audience of game lovers is growing every day.

In order to quickly learn how to play and become a real master, you need to carefully study the Craps game rules and also the layout of the game table. Two dice are used here with six faces and with a different number of numbers from 1 to 6. On a special table with high sides there is a huge playing field with special markings for bets displayed. The number of bets is large and in one game each participant has the opportunity to make up to ten bets, which increases odds for winning.

Order and rules Craps game

The main task here is the formation of the desired winning combination at one of several stages of entertainment. The game consists of rounds, the number of which and the length of time can be different, depending on the results of the combinations. Here’s how the contest goes:

  1. Some bets can be placed before the start of the first round, and others after. Next, the player shakes the dice in his hands and throws them onto the table. The number of points scored, which can be from 2 to 12, is read from the upper sides.
  2. If in the first round the sum is 2, 3, 7, 11 or 12, then the Craps game ends immediately and the players are paid the winning bets, and the losers are removed. The next round will be the first again.
  3. In the case when the sum of 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10 (the Point) is obtained in the first round, a chip with the inscription (ON) is put on the table, which indicates the definition of the item and the continuation of the game. The results are summed up after each subsequent roll of dice, until the moment (The Point) or 7. After that, the chip is turned to the side with the inscription (OFF) and everything starts again from the beginning.

In order to become a professional player, you need to know thoroughly the probability of winning each bet, since any of them has its own benefit for the player. The most winning combinations are Pass Line or Don’t Pass with a Buy or Lay bet. You also need to consider that if you want to win a large amount of money, you will have to decide on a long-term game with great risks.

Slot machines for Craps game

A large audience of fans of this entertainment has long known that before starting a game for real money, you can test the free Craps game, which most online casinos offer. The pages of gambling establishments currently host a huge number of suitable slots. Here is some of them:

  • The exciting game Craps (Betsoft) has excellent graphic design with plates for chips and bets and an audio message of the game results;
  • Various betting options are offered in the Craps (Rival) slot, where RTP is 99.7%;
  • The video slot Craps (GamesOS) reproduces the actions of a real game as realistically as possible and makes it possible to practice in a demo mode;
  • To start a round on a Craps (Microgaming) slot machine, you should select a chip with a suitable amount and decide on a bet.

All of these games are available on many sites of online clubs, and they can also be played on mobile phones with the Android operating system.

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