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Craps simulator – play from a computer or smartphone

Gambling has a long history. Even cavemen threw dice, then card games appeared, and already in 1887 the first slot machine was created, followed by the opening of land-based casinos. Today, modern people, having access to the Internet, play australian online pokies in online casinos. Today we’ll talk about craps simulator.

Advantages of online craps simulator

Online craps simulator has an impressive list of benefits:

  1. Availability. Any interested web user who is over 18 years old can play a bright slot machine.
  2. Pleasure. Online games are as interesting as the real versions. Sound effects, exciting game plots and high-quality graphics will not leave anyone indifferent.
  3. Simple rules. Starting the game, you will understand that you do not need any preparation and skills, as the rules of these online games are completely simple for everyone and intuitive. Therefore, freely and calmly play online slots here.
  4. Huge selection of slots. Unlike playing in a real room, you can start playing the most original and new versions from the best manufacturers. Choose great online slots with different lines and different numbers of game reels. Play slots with free happy spins and with bonus games, as well as those plots that are more interesting and close to you.
  5. The game is 24 hours a day. You can play slot machines absolutely round the clock – at any time convenient for you.

TOP 3 best free craps simulator

Let’s get acquainted with the most popular slots from leading world developers.

Craps simulator from Microgaming

When the emulator starts up, a playing field appears in front of the visitor with an attractive green cloth and a drawn playing field. The gamer must choose chips whose face value is from 1 to 500. When making bets, you should know what this or that position on the field means.

You can specify the exact amount of the numbers dropped out or out of the range, payments will be proportionate to matches in accordance with the game odds. The more accurate the match, the greater the multiplier gets the winning client. All money won can be withdrawn. A deposit made by a player is transferred to a personal account instantly.

Craps simulator by Rival Gaming

In order for the gamer to be able to start the Craps game, it is necessary to make bets. They are accepted in chips, the value of which varies in the range from one to five hundred dollars. You can bet on options for potential combinations. The goal of the game is very simple and is that if a player’s bet wins, then he receives a win in accordance with standard odds. Accordingly, losing users lose the bet, but in some cases it may be returned.

The game also includes two stages. In the first level, the gambler needs to throw two dice on the field. If the amount of points dropped is from 4 to 11, then the number of points is fixed and the user gets the opportunity to roll the dice again. In the second stage, the same number of points should fall out as in the first. If the numbers 7 and 11 drop out, then the gamer rolls the dice again. Other combinations will be losing.

craps simulator

Craps simulator by Betsoft

In this slot, players have rather high odds to win. It will not be difficult for users to decide on bids, as markings for possible bets are indicated on the field. Each option has its own winning and losing combinations:

  1. Bet “Pass Line” – numbers 7 or 11 win, at the same time, 2, 3 or 12 will be losing. The remaining numbers begin the second level;
  2. “Don’t pass line” – win numbers 2 and 3. 7 and 11 indicate defeat;
  3. At any time you can make a “come” bet. Winning relies on the numbers 7 and 11;
  4. In the don’t come bet, the values 7 and 11 lose. The victory is brought by 2 and 3. The number 12 returns the bet to the player.

Before the game, be sure to read the betting table to select the most effective craps strategy simulator.

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