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The Turbo Plan is a reassessment on how the current return of the artwork is constituted. 28 years into our response to this terrible crime, we must consider modifying the approach we take as we attempt to restore what’s been astutely identified as “our heritage.” Through, you can make your voice heard and help to bring the art home. Click on the link above to sign your name. Click on the link below to find out more about The Turbo Plan.

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Empty Frames is an independent production. The commentary expressed here is our own and does not reflect the opinions of the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum or its staff. To learn more about the museum, including the 1990 theft, please visit the museum’s web site at If you have any critical information relating specifically to the 1990 theft, please contact the museum’s security director via the options provided on the museum’s web site. The museum continues to offer a reward totaling 10 million dollars for information that can lead to the return of the stolen artwork.

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